Asam Pedas Ikan & Sawi Jeruk

Sometimes when I bought too much stock for fish and chicken, I always end up making asam pedas. This time it was asam pedas ikan kembung with sawi jeruk.

I found a good recipe online sharing on how to make your own sayur jeruk and asam pedas. Hope those interested to cook this dish could check the recipe here -Cara Membuat Sawi Jeruk.

My recipe has an additional pounded black pepper (lada hitam) as suggested by SIL. Other than that I think the main ingredient like ginger, belacan, dried chili, kunyit hidup for the asam pedas paste is quite the same. Don’t ask me about the measurement as I am the type of cook who simply campak-campak or more to feel like cukup la kot for this amount of kuah and ikan..haha!

Oh, I didn’t make my own sawi jeruk. I bought a packet of mustard pickle made in Thailand with Halal sign by Islamic Committee of Thailand in Jusco.

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