Sup Petola, Fucuk & Suhun

I decided to cook this after reading Dapur Tanpa Sempadan cooking blog. For recipe you can check out Cik Mat Gebu’s version – Sup Petola dan Fucuk.

Usually for petola (luffa) I simply cook it with rebus air method. Put all the sliced ingredients like shallot, red chili, some bilis and a bit of belacan in water and let them boil before I put in the sliced petola. But this time I decided to tumis air with udang kering instead of ikan bilis.

A simple dish indeed but enough to satisfy a hungry tummy..haha!

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    nnVery nice thanks for sharing this palatable recipe, Sup Petolanseems really relished and I want to have its taste as soon as possible, willntrying this in my upcoming weekends, thank you.nnn