Cupcake Chic, The Curve

I’ve been searching for a cake place to celebrate my son first birthday early this month and this outlet of Cupcake Chic at The Curve came to mind.

I am not into cake so I thought blowing the candles on tiny cupcakes would be good enough. After all we the parents will be the one who has to eat the cake..heh!

I can’t remember the other 2 cupcakes (Hubby chose them), but the other two with spoons are Cookies n Cream and Butter Pecan. Next time I want to try Lemon Meringue and Jaffa.

It would be nice if we can sit back, take our time to eat the cupcakes slowly while sipping on drinks, but with a kid on tow who was at the brink of crankiness after a long and tiring day, we didn’t even finish those cupcakes.

Oh, for those celebrating birthday, they do sell birthday candles as well.

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  • keris

    Nice… Never been there. Is it HALAL?
    Anybody know nice, similar shop, HALAL, by muslim out there?


  • Reina

    wow the cakes in the photo looks REALLY delicious. Especially the one on the bottom right corner..yummy!

    Cupcakes are a good idea for a kids bday though. They look cute, you can give kids a whole cake (rather than cutting a portion)..

  • Young

    isn’t cutting cakes is one of the fun things to do in birthday?