Satay Ikan Jalan TAR

Eating these satay ikan brings nostalgic feeling of the olden , care free day during my primary school time. It is like a part of cheap junk food that those sellers sell in front of the school area, where students gathered and played while waiting for their school bus, vans, rented car or parents to come and fetch after school.


It’s not really much to say about this satay ikan. I think it has more flour than the real fish flesh inside it. For something that is sold at 10 sticks for RM2 (it used to be 10 cents per stick 20 years ago..heh), it is not really fulfilling either as food. But something to munch to fill up time.


I think it has been pre cooked. What the seller will normally do is to grill both sides to a slightly burnt effect and pour the gravy (sos pencicah) inside the plastic, so that you can eat while walking around, browsing what else they have at the pasar malam Jalan TAR every Saturday.


When you bite the satay ikan, it has some chewy like and a bit of fishy taste, perhaps because they put tepung ubi more and less processed fish to save the cost. But it’s good to have something as simple as this once in a while.

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  • elynnzo

    Do you know where else can i find sate ikan lok ching? in KL. my friend went to Jln Tar on saturday that day and they couldnt find the sate ;(

  • Cinta

    So far I’ve never find any satay ikan anywhere else in KL but in the pasar malam Jalan TAR. But then again it’s been sometimes since my last trip to the pasar malam, maybe the seller no longer sell there :(

  • Raiifmarhain

    u can find it at tasik permaisuri cheras ..there are lot of foods there..try find your sate ikan there with the brother using pick up mobile …his ‘kuah’ quite nice with thai sauceu00a0