Welcome To CintaRasa

Welcome to CintaRasa. CintaRasa means Cinta-Love and Rasa-Taste. It will be a journal of what, where and how in regards to food.


I try to share as much as possible with readers on what I feel, taste and experienced when it comes to food. I just love having great time dining out as much as I enjoy cooking for my loved ones and friends.

I love to know what makes the soup thick- what ingredients the cook put inside and how it was made. I love to try new food and hang out at new eating places.

Come join me in my food adventure and cuisine knowledge seeking.

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  • maya

    Lookin’ 4ward ur nxt write up..Bon Apetite.

  • http://www.cintarasa.com Cinta

    Thanks Maya for dropping by, I have just add another post after reading your comment. :)